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Vendor Program


Vendor Program

Through this program, we help cannabis growers become qualified vendors in the emerging cannabis industry. As we get into a regulated market, it is no longer about throwing products into a sandwich bag and selling them for $20 dollars. Quality is necessary in the regulated market and cannabis growers must produce consistent quality products to survive. We will now be required to comply with certain bureaus such as the weights and measurements division.

Today, the focus has shifted and it is not about creating a product with hype; rather, it is about producing valuable medicine. In this case, growers need to create products that are free of issues such as mold and pesticides. Many health-related issues are connected to agricultural based products such as tobacco. If consumers have health problems related to cannabis products in the new regulated cannabis market, consumers will look for corporations to hold accountable if unhealthy or toxic products are distributed. The cannabis market is evolving, the day in age of someone just getting what they’re buddy grew and not being able to return or complain is over. We have corporations that are going to be held accountable.

We shift our clients mindset from running away from regulation to running toward regulation. Cannabis has been around for thousands of years and because we have not allowed the market to be legal and is now starting to be regulated there is a lot of value in the cultivators and business men to be one of the first to comply with the demands of the regulated market. Our vendor program provides the following:

  1. Help in creating organizational culture: We support businesses in developing vision, mission and values to guide their operations. We also help them create structures and develop roles and responsibilities for those structures to increase efficiency in the business.
  2. Support for growers to build credible teams: We show you how to hire reliable staff who can help you create quality products the market needs. We guide and teach you about the regulated market and the teams you need to have in place to navigate this new market
  3. Help with brand creation: We support growers in creating and building their business brands to stand out in the cannabis market. We consult with our clients on the use of technology as a tool for branding and marketing their products to target audiences. Specifically, we offer web design and development decision support to our clients.
  4. Support for seed to sell production: We help our clients in identifying appropriate technology that their businesses need to track cannabis production, from seed level until the product is ready for sale

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