Growers Program

Growers Program

LeafyGills Grower Program ensures that aquaponic cannabis growers begin their cultivation business on the right foot by receiving access to pertinent information that is available for educational purposes. When you sign up for our program we support you every step of the way; from growing to marketing we help with:

  1. Developing a blueprint for your cannabis business
  2. Planning and budgeting for the cultivation and harvesting process
  3. Acquire the necessary equipment for your gardening business
  4. Support on the installation of equipment from
  • Lights
  • Ventilation
  • Water Supply
  • Aquaponics system
  • Greenhouse / Hoop House Design
  • Pipe Installations
  • Water Lines
  • Brewers
  • Fish Grow Systems
  1. Get the most ROI (Return On Investment)

We help develop systems and processes to produce high grade biologically active cannabis. We endeavor to share this knowledge with cultivators through this program in various forms including written and video formations.

Through this program we create educational and networking opportunities for every grower who comes on board. When you enroll in the LeafyGills Grower Program you will receive support on:

  1. Seed/Clone production – Every gardener needs to start producing seeds/ clones sooner or later. Doing this helps to ensure a constant supply of seeds/clones to begin new crops, keep production growing and sell or trade with fellow farmers. When you enroll in our Grower Program, we show you how to produce selective cannabis clones from seeds and mother plants. You also learn how to store your seeds so you can maximize their life span.

2. Strain selection – The market is flooded with numerous strains to choose from. However, we know the value of taking time to evaluate the options available before picking the strain to grow. We support our growers in deciding the best strain to produce based on what they want to achieve and where they want to cultivate. Some people have a lot of open space to grow, so they can go for larger crops. Others do not have the luxury of space and have to grow indoors. Based on these and other factors we advise our growers what strain is best for them dependent on their situation.

3. Perpetual harvesting – Are you looking to ensure that your crop is ready for harvest every month? We support our growers to apply the perpetual harvesting techniques to guarantee a constant cannabis supply. When you enroll in our program, we make certain that you will reap the invaluable benefits of perpetual harvesting.

Seed to Sell Production

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