Company Bio


To be the 1st world wide Aquaponics Medical Cannabis/ For Production Brand & Owned by Women


To Network and Educate


Honesty – Tell us the truth even if it hurts
Teamwork – Get up and help without being asked
Appreciate – Remember past experiences and leverage the lesson learned
Understanding – When problems arise make an effort to wear the other mans shoes before reacting
Respect – Create a safe environment for the people around me

Company History

The slow and intense process of forging a flawless diamond is one way to describe how LeafyGills came into existence.

This industry has effected everyone worldwide in one way or another. To appreciate LeafyGills you have to look at its substance, the evolution of its people and the culture that has emerged over four decades. As the industry evolved the people stayed the same and chose to embrace the changes. They embraced every Change as an integral part of the process to move through before receiving the opportunity to face the next obstacles that this  industry set in its own way to exist.

This team experimentation phase started with Mark and Juanita Boutwell back in 1966 – 1990. They developed the systems and processes for harvesting, packaging and worldwide distribution we now see and use in Industrial Food Agriculture. In the 90’s they gathered their resources, network, and utilized their work ethics to refine a stable platform; Lism Inc.

Lism has continued to attract, train, and retain talented people to guide decision making so that healthy scalable companies may exist. Their experience reaches industries ranging from 30+ years of building custom multimillion dollar homes, building teams of 3000+ in the mortgage & life insurance industry, a decade with  Indoor Hydroponics retail, and the consulting of hundreds of cannabis grow operations throughout California and Colorado.

In spring of 2012, LeafyGills emerged and gained a legal foot hold in the early medical cannabis industry. The collective blood, sweat, and tears of a lifetime of experiences has lead LeafyGills to find a stable environment to grow due to their team’s mindset on running to regulation versus running from it. LeafyGills has strategically positioned their team experiences in key linchpin positions for local and state government advisory boards to help facilitate the unregulated and underdeveloped industry as it goes from the experimentation, to litigation, and on to the regulation phases.

When you follow it back through LeafyGills Origins; it is easy to accept why scalability comes from confidence, and confidence comes from experience.

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