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Growers Program

The Leafy Gill’s Growers Program ensures that  aquaponics cultivators start their growing business on the


Vendor Program

Our value for systems and processes has allowed us to develop quality metrics encompassing demographic


Worldwide 1 Gram/Dab Program

Our Worldwide 1Gram/Dab Program is designed to create an expectation on us as a company


Membership Program

Our membership program is designed to facilitate access to knowledge for early to mature growers.



The slow and intense process of forging a flawless diamond is one way to describe how Leafy Gills came into existence.

This industry has effected everyone worldwide in one way or another. To appreciate Leafy Gills you have to look at its substance, the evolution of its people and the culture that has emerged over four decades. As the industry evolved the people stayed the same and chose to embrace the changes. They embraced every Change as an integral part of the process to move through before receiving the opportunity to face the next obstacles that this industry set in its own way to exist.

This team’s experimentation phase started with Mark and Juanita Boutwell back in 1966 – 1990. They developed the systems and processes for harvesting, packaging and worldwide distribution we now see and use in Industrial Food Agriculture. In the 90’s they gathered their resources, network, and utilized their work ethics to refine a stable platform; Lism Inc.

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